Lyman’s hosts a rotating collection of old and new pinball machines, including games you haven’t seen since you were a kid and games you won’t see on location anywhere else.

Our collection is regularly updated and swapped out. Check out Pinball Map for the latest lineup.

Lyman’s Tavern is the home of DC’s only pinball league. For information on upcoming pinball leagues and tournaments, scroll down!

DC Pinball League

We’re excited to announce the start of spring season of DC Pinball League starting Thursday 4/13/23

There are three different times to choose from each week and you can mix and match week to week to fit your schedule:

Thursdays 8:30pm (hosted by Mollie)

Sundays 7:30pm (hosted by Joana)

Mondays 2:00pm (hosted by Kevin)

Finals tournament will be held on Saturday June 17

The format will be the same as previous leagues. All qualifying participants will receive WPPR points based on their performance during league. League dues are $10 this season. There will be 8 weeks of play.

League Rules

1) Each week, you will play in a randomly assigned group of 2 to 4 players, competing against them for the highest score on the given game. You will play 4 different machines with the same group, and the first machine must be chosen by the first name called in your assigned group, 

2) The machines following will be chosen by the player with the lowest score in the game prior, OR that player can decide the order in which they play. 

For example, the lowest scoring player could either choose to play Ghostbusters next as a group, or choose to go last (player 4) in the group. 

If choosing the game, the second lowest scoring player from the game prior will be able to decide the order in which they play. 

If choosing the order, the second lowest scoring player from the game prior will be able to decide the game or order in which they play, and so on and so forth.

3) You will earn points according to your place in each game. If in a group of 4, the 1st place player will earn 4 points, 2nd place will earn 3 points, 3rd place will earn 2 points, and last place will earn 1 point. 

If in a group of 4, the points allocated are (4, 3, 2, 1).

If in a group of 3, the points allocated are (4, 2.5, 1).

If in a group of 2, the points allocated are (4, 1).

3) Once finished with all 4 games, you will add the total points you earned that day, which will be submitted as your weekly league score that can be found here below.

4) Your lowest 2 scores of the season will be dropped and will not be included in your final league standing.

5) You are allowed to play 1 extra ball at each machine. All other extra balls must be plunged and the machine cannot be touched after the plunge. You will be disqualified for that game if you play more than one extra ball, or if you play another player’s ball. 

6) All rules-related questions or concerns should be immediately directed to Mollie, Joana, or Kevin

DC Pinball League Scores

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